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Underground secrets of Belgrade

Belgrade under Belgrade

Have you ever ask yourself what is under the streets and squares of the big city such is Belgrade?

Have you ever wonder how is it to travel thru the centuries and feel for the moment the time that is behind us?

If you searching for good adventure vibes, than search no more. Belgrade can offer you all that and even more.

Nowadays Belgrade is famous as a city with the best night life in Europe, but people often forget that Belgrade is also the city with a long history.

It is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers.

There are many layers of history hidden in his grounds.

The best way to get to know one city is to discover his secrets that has been kept for centuries. We are inviting you to explore the historical caves, tunnels and bunkers hidden under our capital city. Take a tour known as a “Belgrade Under Belgrade” and enjoy in your trip.

This city tour gives you opportunity to listen to incredible stories about Belgrade history, Romans, and Ottoman Empire.

If you are adventurous person and If you are searching for adventure in Belgrade then this is the best choice for you. You will certainly enjoy, that is for sure!

Take 2,5 hour long walking tour, led by an expert local guide. The tour is available every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, whole year. And The Best thing is that you don’t need to book it!

The Underground labyrinth of Belgrade

The tour starts from the Republic Square in front of the clock by the Boutique restaurant.

The underground secrets of Belgrade tells the legend of Belgrade from the Roman, Austrian, Turkish and Serbian periods, each of them has their own charm.The tunnel through which the visitors pass is 200 years old and it leads to another lagoon.

One of the interesting spots in this tour is bunker built in the mid-20th century where you can hear some of the spy secrets of Yugoslavia and Tito political games between great powers.

The end of the tour is at Karađorđeva Street, in the hart of the modern Savamala quart, in a wine-cellar, where you can try some of the best local wines.I hope that all this gives you a good reason to take the tour and feel the vibes under Belgrade. So huru up, visit Belgrade and buy yourself a tiket for a great memories.

Written by Hotel Šumadija Thursday, 17 January 2019

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