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Sava mala - 10 clubs that you should not miss while you are in Belgrade

Beside the city monuments, museums, history, you should definitely get to know people and city vibes. One of the most popular parts for Belgrade people would be Savamala district. It started existing and growing couple years ago, and today you can find different bars and places. Sava mala is a Belgrade art district you definitely want to see while you are visiting Belgrade. Here is a list of a places that could be interesting to you....

Mikser House

It is a place where you can drink and eat something during the day and also maybe bay something from there shop. They have different products for home, clothes, etc. Made by domestic designers.

In the evening there is usually always something going on like concerts with different type of music (from classical, jazz, rock, techno..), plays, forums…

You should definitely check out there Facebook and website page. If you are lucky to be in Belgrade during Mikser Festival, it is a must see. A lot of young people, art exhibitions, concerts and hopefully nice weather. 

KC Grad 
Kc Grad along with Mikser House it is one of the first places founded in Savamala district. It has ground floor with a little designer shop and the bar, with very nice cozy atmosphere. Pretty much there is always something going on. They have Delicates Mondays where different organizations make different food every Monday and you can eat for very cheep money (150, 200 dinars – approx. 1,5 euro), very good food and the best is hanging with people. 

Beside this there are usually some concerts, techno, rmb, dancehall, reggaeton, etc. parties.

On the first and only floor usually there is some exhibition, designers mini fairs (clothes, jewelry, home) where you can bay nice stuff from unestablished designers.

In the summer time, they have nice garden. 

Ben Akiba

Ben Akiba – a place for good cocktail and some laugh. Ground floor is a stand up bar with show during the week (mostly in Serbian)…so if you know the language and like cocktails it is a perfect place for you.

Both ground and first floor are clubs with different music in the evening…


Berliner – good please for lovers of beer, sausage and fries. Relaxing and not to much crowded atmosphere.


Basta – very nice and cozy place. Every evening there is some nice relaxing music (jazz, fado, evergreen…) and should be nice and relaxing, with not so much craziness.


Brankow – nice place for going out. It can be very crowded, like sardine party. It is good to have reservations, otherwise if it is crowded it is hardly you are going in, even if you are good chick.

Tranzit Bar

Tranzit Bar – place to go out in the evening. Nice bar, nice people and techno-house music. Usually you can find some space to fit in. 


Written by Hotel Šumadija Monday, 11 January 2016

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